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Viadana, 8th October 2006
Una nota per Daniele Fumagalli
Opening of Exhibition in Annone Brianza
Tales of Light
Performance at “Caffe’ al teatro”
In the Inside Light
Era un colore venuto dallo spazio
Daniele Lorenzo Fumagalli
Memory is the imprinting of existence.

    Something that has been real and which, through mental process, returns virtually from the past, as a reservoir of cognitive and experiencial situations to bre used in the real world.

    In such a binomial the artist swings, like the pendulum of the clock that beats the time of life, between the virtual of his videopaintings and the reality of the microfibre, so tangible and utilizable to manufacture clothes or furnishings.

    And the leitmotiv is this history of which we are the product and which will never be forgotten…